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Cambridge IGCSE Home Schooling

GCSE TUITIONS is excited to support homeschooling families in India, from primary and secondary levels up to IGCSEs and A levels. We have students in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our course materials and the online learning platform students use to access their courses, submit assignments, and communicate with their tutors. We look forward to welcoming your child into the growing community of families in India homeschooling with IGCSE Tuitions.

When acting as private candidates for the Cambridge board, homeschooling families should discuss practical aspects with Cambridge IGCSE schools to avoid last-minute issues. Students can choose their subjects and are not limited to a fixed syllabus. IGCSE Tuitions’ homeschooling costs are competitive with top Indian international school fees.

IGCSE Home Schooling Curriculum

Cambridge IGCSE offers over 70 subjects, but not all are available to private candidates. Some require supervision by a school teacher. Homeschoolers can arrange with schools to take these subjects, sometimes with extra costs.
Cambridge IGCSE exams are held three times a year: in May-June, October-November, and February-March. Not all IGCSE-affiliated schools can offer exams at all these times due to logistical challenges.
If a private IGCSE candidate chooses a less common subject, logistical burdens and costs, like sending papers to Cambridge IGCSE, are not shared and thus increase.
Cambridge schools serving private IGCSE candidates may offer extra services like lab facilities, tutoring for specific subjects, and alternatives for practicals.
When a homeschool candidate appears as a private candidate, the certificate will indicate this. If a homeschooler wants to appear as a regular candidate, they can arrange this with IGCSE schools. Note that the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) does not recognize qualifications for Cambridge curriculum students studying privately.

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Cambridge IGCSE Subjects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Homeschooled students can check in for IGCSE exams through authorised examination facilities. these centers are frequently faculties or instructional establishments that offer examination offerings to external candidates. college students need to contact these facilities at once to inquire approximately registration methods and deadlines.

yes, IGCSE qualifications are widely diagnosed with the aid of schools and universities worldwide. they are considered equivalent to different secondary training qualifications together with GCSEs within the uk and excessive college diplomas in the US.

There are numerous resources available for IGCSE homeschooling, including textbooks, online courses, video tutorials, and practice exams. Many educational publishers offer IGCSE-specific materials, and there are also online platforms dedicated to supporting homeschooling students with their studies.

While IGCSE homeschooling offers flexibility and personalized learning experiences, there are some potential disadvantages to consider. These may include limited access to certain resources, the need for self-discipline and motivation, and challenges in meeting practical exam requirements without traditional laboratory facilities.

Yes, homeschoolers have the option to retake IGCSE exams if they wish to improve their grades. However, there may be limitations on how many times exams can be retaken within a certain period, and additional exam fees may apply.

The duration of an IGCSE homeschooling program can vary depending on factors such as the student’s pace of learning, the number of subjects studied, and individual goals. However, most students complete their IGCSE studies over a period of two to three years.

Homeschooling students receive grades for their IGCSE exams through the examination board responsible for administering the exams. Grades are typically awarded based on performance in written papers, practical assessments (if applicable), and coursework (if required for the subject).

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IGCSE Online Tuition Classes have revolutionized the education landscape, providing a flexible, comprehensive, and interactive learning experience. The advantages extend beyond academic excellence, preparing students for a future where adaptability and digital literacy are paramount.

In conclusion, embrace the evolution, break down barriers, and redefine success with IGCSE Online Tuition Classes.

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We are an award-winning Cambridge & IB Tuitions provider, based in India US. Since our establishment in 1987, we have focused on offering reliable and high quality services to our customers worldwide.

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Cambridge A Level
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My son sudhir keeps to development properly way to the teacher's steering. He has scored A* in Math, Physics and Biology. As dad and mom we are able to see he has sincerely improvised.
Cambridge As Level
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My daughter Polimandal is analyzing in Grade 11 and is taking Accountancy instructions from Mohit Agarwal sir. She's very glad with his commands and wants to preserve to take classes in July for her next term after her checks.
Edexcel Pearson
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i was capable of apprehend very definitely what the instructor taught me in class. She made fantastic to explain the thoughts in detail. i would rate the teacher a 5/5.
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My Maths instructor is high-quality and i'm able to apprehend the whole thing that she is education. After attending her commands, i've understood the thoughts higher and i am capable of answer in magnificence. i am confident that it has multiplied my know-how and will assist growth my score.
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The training so far have been great. i have understood whatever has been taught certainly. There have been no technical problems in the use of the portal and i would give the instructor a perfect score
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My Son is studying in an American Embassy school in grade 9th. we're taking lessons for Chemistry and Phhysics. The lessons are top & the coaching is awesome. we are satisfied & glad with the manner everything is deliberate & performed. it is a amazing experience.
Cambirdge IGCSE
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i am taking lessons with THE CHENNAI TUITION for Maths, Physics & Chemistry. The tutors are excellent and cooperative. The training are going very without difficulty & the content can be very well taught. The assignments are assigned after every elegance as homework & assist me revise as a result.
Cambirdge O Level
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My board is IGCSE. My lessons with THE CHENNAI TUITION for Maths are going well and i'm glad with the manner the teach cleared my doubts. the net portal is quite exceptional as well.
Cambridge Primary
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I suppose that my revel in with the THE CHENNAI TUITION online tutoring has been virtually well so far, with most of my doubts or clarifications being cleared. I just like the truth that i am capable of revisit topics each time I need to & can bypass over them another time if I don’t apprehend some thing.
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The tuitions through THE CHENNAI TUITION have helped me lots to revise my syllabus and easy all my doubts as My coach has been exceptionally beneficial with the whole lot.
Cambridge IGCSE Online Live 1 to 1 Homeschooling in Chennai

Cambridge IGCSE is an internationally recognized curriculum offered by the University of Cambridge. ... Chennai · Mumbai · Kolkata · Delhi · Pune.

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