Are you looking for the Hindi Language Course in Chennai? You are at the Right Place. Let’s Speak offers the best Hindi classes in Chennai. Although there are many Institutes provides the Spoken Hindi Classes in Chennai. We are the best among others, in terms of Quality, Experience, Infrastructure, and Fees Structure. We work for success and guarantee you the result in 30days

Let’s Speak is the Full-fledged language institute providing best French classes in Chennai for over 10years. Our quality training helps 20000+students to get their dream jobs in top MNCs worldwide. We offer the best French language Course in Chennai at an affordable price and customized program as per the requirement of each student.

Levels in Hindi Language

 Basic Hindi – Level I
 Intermediate Hindi – Level II
 Advanced Hindi – Level III
 Spoken Hindi – (Through Tamil or English)

Online Hindi Language Course in Chennai

 Learn Spoken Hindi Class through online Classes and Get fluent in Just 30 Days.
 Online Hindi classes will reduce your travel time and very cost effective.
 Customized program based on the requirement of the students.
 Timing will be 100% flexible around the clock.
 Live face to face virtual training through Skype, Zoom or other online medium.
 Duration will be unlimited till the completion of the Course.
 Avail short term fast track course.
 Weekdays & Weekend Classes Available

What makes us different from others?

 Small-Group, Focus on Individual Development of the Student.
 More focus on a practical session to improve fluency and pronunciation.
 Well Experienced, Certified and Skilled trainers works around the clock to give their best in the classroom or Online.
 Multiple Audio and Video sessions help to experience the language rather than memorizing.
 Equal Importance is given to all the four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
 We make sure there is sufficient time given to each of our students to get fluent in the entire training process.
 Our Trainers will keep encouraging students to create a friendly atmosphere to learn a language in an easy and joyful way.

What will be in Free Demo Session?

Let’s Speak Academy offers an opportunity for the students to attend our free demo sessions that’ll help them get an idea about the Spoken Hindi Class and our teaching methodologies. These sessions will also give them an idea about our institute and our professional trainers.

The Spoken Hindi demo classes in Let’s Speak will mainly focus on the topics that will be dealt as a part of Level 1 & Spoken Syllabus. The trainer will demonstrate the topics given below, which all will be covered in the Level 1 & Spoken Syllabus of Hindi Language.

 Alphabets and pronunciations.
 Combinations of alphabets (vowel combinations and grouped consonants)
 Parts of Speech.
 Conjugation of Verbs (in present, future and past tenses)
 Sentence formations and sentence patterns.
 Tenses in different sentences.


The more you listen to the native speakers, the more you can acquire the actual pronunciation of Hindi language. It also helps in boosting the vocabulary level to high standards and aids in a smooth flow of the language with no difficulties. We’ve been following this effective methodology for ten years which has benefited countless number of students. Our dedicated trainers in Let’s Speak will train you through listening activities and tasks simultaneously while teaching.


Though one of the oldest, it is also one of the most successful and effective methods to learn a language. Now, numerous apps are easily available in the web world to serve like a paper flash card. You can download it and practice anywhere anytime at free of cost. Trainers at Lets speak make use of this method during the speaking sessions in the time of exam preparations to help you form sentences and learn the language with ease. This method enables the students to remember the meanings and also to use the correct grammar.


This little method is unbelievably creative and effective. Our trainers will create a few dialogues based on everyday life in English or Tamil and make the students translate it into Hindi and speak it out. This will help the individual to lose hesitation and develop confidence by getting used to the language.

The opportunity is right in your hands. So strike the iron when it’s still hot.


Hindi is the widely spoken language throughout INDIA. In today’s globalized world, business and career growth drive migration of people throughout the world. A lot of Indians are wide spread across the globe. There are many people migrating from North India and the number of people traveling to those places for their business purpose. We have understood that for all these purposes, speaking Hindi is essential which will help them to commute with the environment easily.

The current statics says many workers in the business unit and factories in Tamilnadu are now migrated from North India. Wherein, it became essential to learn Hindi for a Non-Hindi Speaker. All these factors point to the fact that Hindi as a language is vital in Business and Professional Communication across the Globe.

Whatsoever the reason would be to learn Hindi, Lets Speak Language Training Academy will give the best solution to learn better Hindi within 60 Days and with the lowest price in Chennai to speak Hindi easily and effectively.

This Hindi Course is designed into Two Modules


MODULE I(Read/Write/Speak)MODULE II(Speak)
Level 3 – ADVANCE

Level 1 – BEGINNER / Level 2 – INTERMEDIATE / Level 3 – ADVANCE

Hindi is the first official language in India. Knowing even basic Hindi whether for heritage, business, or pure interest, will allow you to communicate with over 1 billion people on this planet and become immerse in a wealthy language and culture


Lets Speak Language Academy helps you to learn Hindi easily and quickly.

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Visualize your thought
  • Communicate through words

Once you understand that your career / business demands learning Hindi, the first and foremost questions that arises are

  1. Can I Learn Hindi fast?
  2. Will it take month together so that I can start speaking even simple sentence?
  3. Will it be easy for me to learn?
  4. Will there be any examination that I have to clear?
  5. Will there be a lot of reading and writing work?

To clear these entire quarries visit our Center located In ADYAR|VELACHERY|OMR, one of the Best Spoken Hindi Classes in Chennai

Spoken Hindi in Lets Speak Language Academy is structured in an extremely simple way such that any individual can learn Hindi.


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