CBSE Class 12 Online Tuition Classes

CBSE Online Tuition for Class XII

 CBSE Class 12

When students are promoted to Class 11 they select streams (SCIENCE, HUMANITIES AND COMMERCE) of their choice and thus continue the same in class 12. Class 12 is the last class and the end of 12 years journey of school life for every student. After this everybody goes into different colleges. And for that the students have to earn at least 33% overall in the Board Exams of class 12.

Online Tuitions in India

Due to the development in technology and easy availability of Internet, online tuitions are flourishing. Parents and children are getting used to it gradually. The access to knowledge, books, explanatory videos are getting very convenient. Instead of going to tuitions physically parents and students are leaning towards virtual classes.

Online Tuitions at The Chennai Tuition for class 12

Class 12 is a crucial year for every student and a student needs good materials and teachers for their preparation. So The Chennai Tuition provides exhaustive and comprehensive notes altogether for the students and ensures to save their time and help them utmost. The Chennai Tuition provides live sessions and interactive group study.

Subjects Taught at The Chennai Tuition

The Chennai Tuition teaches all the subjects included in CBSE curriculum, they are: Hindi, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer science, accountancy, business studies, economics Geography, history, and political science.

Mission of The Chennai Tuition

The Chennai Tuition aims to strengthen the fundamentals of students by improving the way of understanding in the students. The Chennai Tuition believes “laser smart problem-solving approach” which means that The Chennai Tuition wants to make the students smart to solve their problems as fast as one could. The Chennai Tuition provides an environment which will play a key part in the success of a student and prepare the students to reach the highest standards on the society, which means that students will get the best learning experience and opportunity. The Chennai Tuition provides a climate which encourages students to achieve the impossible. Online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition helps the students to set realistic goals and then provide adequate assistance to achieve them. The Chennai Tuition promotes a very safe, disciplined, caring and supportive atmosphere to students. The Chennai Tuition make sure that every student’s self-esteem is fostered through the positive behavior and relationships with the teachers and other students.

Teaching method in The Chennai Tuition

The Chennai Tuition has developed a methodology known as T.E.S.T, it stands for Theoretical framework, Explanatory videos, Strengthening Concepts and Time bound Test Series. At The Chennai Tuition , sessions are taken live. These types of online classes are very interactive in nature.

What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is the methodology prepared by The Chennai Tuition for the benefit of students through online classes. This method is a tried and tested holistic learning style. The online classes by The Chennai Tuition includes vey precise and comprehensive study materials of each and every topic of the curriculum. The Chennai Tuition believes in improving the foundation of every single student. So The Chennai Tuition provides Explanatory Videos for better understanding of the students. The classes conducted by The Chennai Tuition are live and interactive.

The Chennai Tuition provides question banks subject wise and assignments to the students to make the students grab control over each and every chapter or topic. The Chennai Tuition also conduct examination on regular intervals so as to ensure that every student is able to perform well in exam like conditions.

FAQs – CBSE Class XII Tuitions

How is the setup of the online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition ?

Classes are conducted online. Teachers teach virtually. The classes are live and students can ask questions/doubts directly to the teachers.

What’s the strength of the Online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition ?

The class size is small in which teacher gives equal time and attention to every student.

Are the teachers teaching at The Chennai Tuition real teachers?

Yes, The Chennai Tuition has a faculty of trained, experienced and professional teachers. The teachers at The Chennai Tuition have experience over 9 years.

What kind of materials for studying is provided by The Chennai Tuition ?

Teacher believes in precise learning. The Chennai Tuition has developed study materials for students of class 9, 10, 11, 12. These study materials are exhaustive, comprehensive and covers almost all the topics of every subject in the course.

What will happen if I miss any online class at The Chennai Tuition due to my personal reasons?

No worries. This is one of the best advantages of enrolling in an online tuition like The Chennai Tuition . The Chennai Tuition respects a student’s personal time and provides recorded videos and study materials for later. One can have access to that even if they have missed any class and can keep up with other students and the syllabus.

How is the curriculum or methodology of the online tuition at The Chennai Tuition different from other online tuition or schools?

The Chennai Tuition is a special curriculum designed for students to help them set up their goals and provide them with necessary assistance to achieve their objectives. At The Chennai Tuition the faculty is equipped with experts of over 9 years of teaching experience. The Chennai Tuition has guided students globally in improving their grades, confidence and ability by providing over 10,000 teaching hours. The curriculum includes a very advanced methodology called T.E.S.T which is a tried and tested holistic style of learning. The Chennai Tuition provides live sessions, explanatory videos along with exhaustive study materials which aim to nurture the minds of students


The Chennai Tuition is the world’s most valuable ed-tech company and the creator of India’s most loved school learning and succeeding. Launched in 1987, The Chennai Tuition offers highly personalized and effective learning programs for classes 1 – 12 (K-12), and aspirants of competitive exams like JEE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, CBSE IAS etc.

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