Edexcel A Levels Online Tuition Classes

About Edexcel A Levels

The Edexcel offers 21 A Level subjects allowing students to pick them in nearly any combination. A renowned international qualification that offers a worldwide curriculum alongside local relevance, similar to that of our online tuitions. Their exams are conducted in January, June, and October allowing students ample time to prepare and decide when they will appear for exams or re-sits.

A two-year course that you may start as an Advance Subsidiary, which has half the subject content of your A-Levels and continue onto the final year. If you choose, you may also give the entire A-Level unit together at the end of your 2-year course. Edexcel’s simplified and convenient grading system of 9-1 allows students to evaluate their performance in each individual A Level subject while focusing on the cross-curricular perspectives the board provides.

Why The Chennai Tuition ?

At The Chennai Tuition we focus on enhancing the creative and intellectual faculties of students in methods crafted for the students of the 21st century. In our pursuit of the highest standards, we believe that teaching should grow hand in hand with the learners. Our global teaching experience of over 10,000 hours and 9 years of online teaching helps enhance your learning experience as a student. The small size of our study group incorporates the benefits of both one to one sessions & group learning ensuring that each student gets the assistance they require. We help students set realistic targets and assist in achieving them with the help of our experts and their extensive knowledge.

We create a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment for students. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with teachers and fellow peers. The Chennai Tuition promotes success through understanding, trial, and error.

Why The Chennai Tuition for Edexcel A-Levels Tuition Classes?

At The Chennai Tuition we help create the environment, that Edexcel offers in its institutions, at home with our online tuitions. By conveying knowledge in an integrated, holistic, and cross-disciplinary fashion The Chennai Tuition reaches the roots of the Edexcel A Level syllabus. Here at The Chennai Tuition , we focus on Personalised Teaching Experience in assessing individual strengths and weaknesses to create a custom-made framework for truly beneficial online teaching for every single student. Despite the stigma surrounding online tuitions, we ensure that our students’ experience with us is Live and Interactive. Breaking the monotony of recorded video lectures, The Chennai Tuition conducts real-time monitoring, assessment, and feedback of its students to keep them active and focused to strengthen the fundamentals of students, helping prove that online tuitions can be just as effective as real-life classes.

We grasp the attention of the students and keep them consistently engaged via our unique, tried, and tested teaching method T.E.S.T.

What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is our unique and engaging teaching style to ensure each student is not just prepared for their exams but also have enhanced time-management and exemplary evaluation skills through:

  • Building a Theoretical framework.
  • Helping process information through Explanatory videos.
  • Strengthening Concepts to help students retain knowledge.
  • Time-bound Test Series that allows students ample practice before the exams.

T.E.S.T Methodology

Theoretical framework

  • Online lessons from the highly experienced A-Level tutors at the comfort of your home.
  • A small batch of NOT more than 5 students holding common subjects allowing each student the space to grow and the individual attention they require for it.
  • Comprehensive subject wise study material prepared on almost every topic of the curriculum helping students approach the subjects in an organized and comprehensible manner.

Explanatory Videos

  • Explanatory videos to supplement student’s knowledge base and providing alternatives for face-to-face learning.

Strengthening Concepts

  • Modular Assignments and Subject wise Question Bank to practice and furnish your skills.
  • Brainstorming sessions among students from different countries promoting team-work and helping create a classroom environment to build their confidence.
  • One to one mentoring sessions providing each student the undivided attention to learn and grow.

Time-bound test series

  • Exam-style question papers preparing students in exam-style conditions leading to great performance even when under stress.
  • Checked Answer Sheet uploaded on the Student Portal that acts as a guide for the students allowing them to remedy their mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Answer key to each test in the module.

Our Philosophy

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Here at The Chennai Tuition we share our cross-curricular perspectives with Edexcel A Level, focusing on each subject individually and as part of a unit. And for our beliefs, our experts invest in widening the horizons of the generation that follows, in the interest of our future. We believe that knowledge is not to preach but practice and so teach our students to not just retain their knowledge but apply it, preparing them for further studies. And to make this possible, we ensure that every single aspect of our online tuitions is crafted carefully and skilfully to mold future thinkers out of every individual A-Level student.