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OCR A Levels Online Tuition Classes | The Chennai Tuition

About OCR A Levels

Why The Chennai Tuition?

Why The Chennai Tuition for OCR A-Levels Tuition Classes?

What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is our unique and engaging teaching style to ensure each student is not just prepared for their exams but also have enhanced time-management and exemplary evaluation skills through:

  • Building a Theoretical framework.
  • Helping process information through Explanatory videos.
  • Strengthening Concepts to help students retain knowledge.
  • Time-bound Test Series that allows students ample practice before the exams.

T.E.S.T Methodology

Theoretical framework

  • Online lessons from the highly experienced A-Level tutors at the comfort of your home.
  • A small batch of NOT more than 5 students holding common subjects allowing each student the space to grow and the individual attention they require for it.
  • Comprehensive subject wise study material prepared on almost every topic of the curriculum helping students approach the subjects in an organized and comprehensible manner.

Explanatory Videos

Strengthening Concepts

  • Modular Assignments and Subject wise Question Bank to practice and furnish your skills.
  • Brainstorming sessions among students from different countries promoting team-work and helping create a classroom environment to build their confidence.
  • One to one mentoring sessions providing each student the undivided attention to learn and grow.

Time-bound test series

  • Exam-style question papers preparing students in exam-style conditions leading to great performance even when under stress.
  • Checked Answer Sheet uploaded on the Student Portal that acts as a guide for the students allowing them to remedy their mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Answer key to each test in the module.

Our Philosophy

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

  • Here at, The Chennai Tuition, we share our sentiments with OCR A Level in believing that education must fit the criteria of learners. And for our beliefs, our experts invest their knowledge-keeping in the mind-the best interest of the learners of the generation that follows.
  • We believe that a student in the safety of their home should be treated no different than a student in the classroom. We promote practicing knowledge rather than preaching it, promoting our students to not just retain knowledge but wisely apply it, effectively preparing them for further studies.
  • And to make this possible, we ensure that every single aspect of our online tuitions is crafted carefully and skilfully to fit perfectly with the learning pattern of every individual A-Level student.

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