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About ICSE Class X

A little head-start for ICSE class X:

  • Since the registration for ICSE exams will have happened in class IX, there is no more wiggle room in terms of choosing or altering subjects.
  • At the end of this year, an Indian student will be facing his/her life’s first board examination. However daunting this may sound to all candidates, everyone undergoes this phase, and almost everyone with a little bit of effort does well.
  • Most subjects have some practical parts to them, for which one needs the guidance of a school or tuition center.
  • There is a section of internal and externals grades, which will mostly be based on the viva and projects done throughout the year.

FAQs – ICSE Class X Tuition Classes

How should class X – ICSE candidates prepare themselves for the upcoming boards?

  • Solving past year’s school exam papers in ambient examination environments. Keeping a check of the time. Working in noise-free surrounding. Sometimes using your favorite pen may prove to be useful, especially if you plan on using the same for the actual day of the exam.
  • Check things off the syllabus on completion. Plan the study hours based on the marks division.
  • Keep a check on your mental and physical health.
  • Practice self-study daily for a certain amount of time.

How do we, at our online tuition classesThe Chennai Tuition , make students engage to learning with more willingness?

  • We know the best changes happen in our lives when we choose to improve a certain aspect of it very consciously. Our online tutoring platform aims at providing an environment, conducive to success.
  • We know the difference between a group and a crowd. Small size of our study group incorporates the benefits of both one to one session and group learning.
  • At The Chennai Tuition , a climate of expectation and success is encouraged, and all students are helped to set realistic targets and then given the required assistance in achieving them. We promote a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment for students. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with teachers and fellow peers.

What makes The Chennai Tuition different from the other online tutoring platforms?

  • At our online tuitions, we follow an adaptive teaching methodology that understands the strengths and weaknesses of every single student at a very personal level.
  • To break the monotony of recorded video lectures, our online tutoring classes at The Chennai Tuition ensures real time monitoring, assessment and feedback of its students.
  • We have teachers who are experts in their fields with over 9 years of teaching experience!
  • Our online tutors can increase your learning potential with engaging classes conducted virtually, so you enjoy learning for over 10,000 hours.
  • The Chennai Tuition has guided students globally in improving their grades, confidence and ability. We provide incredible academic and intellectual guidance to aspiring students.
  • We strive to give our students the opportunity to learn and prepare themselves for exams very strategically. At our online tuitions, we teach our students how to study so in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What is our tutoring methodology going forward?

  • Our educational framework: We value your time, so lessons are taught by the highly experienced ICSE online tutors, so that all our students can learn in the comfort of their homes.
  • Our batches per subject comprise of NOT more than 5 students, ensuring every student gets personal guidance. At our online tuition center, we provide subject-wise study material prepared on almost every topic of the curriculum.
  • Explanatory videos: Our team of experts have created special videos to supplement student’s knowledge base and help provide absolute clarification of concepts.
  • Strengthening of concepts and time-bound test series: We pride ourselves on the comprehensive modular assignments and subject-wise question bank to practice and finesse our student’s skills.
  • Brainstorming sessions among students from different cities of India, in order to help bring-in as many perspectives and ideas to the table as possible. Personal mentoring sessions conducted regularly as an integral part of our online tuitions.
  • Time bound test series: Exam style question paper and past board practice conducted often, in an examination ambience.
  • Checked answer sheets are uploaded on the student portal regularly for both the guardians and the candidates to be aware of their performance. Our online tutors too will guide each candidate with assessing their grades and personally help improve further, with support from the comprehensive answer key to each test in the module.

We know that the online mode of education is here to stay. What are our goals with online tuitions?

How are the ICSE students going to benefit from our online tuitions?