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CBSE Online Tuition for Class X

CBSE Class X

After scoring at least 33% in class 9, a student is promoted to Class X. This class is the last class of lower secondary school. In this class Boards Examinations are held. A student has to earn at least 33% in their board examination to be promoted in the Higher Secondary. Subjects taught by CBSE in class 10th are EnglishHindiMathematics, Science and Social Sciences.

Online classes and its benefits

Online classes are becoming a blessing to the students nowadays. With the evolution of technology, online classes are getting encouraged within students and their parents. At the time of emergency online classes are boon to the students. Online classes can be attended by the students anytime, anywhere they want toThe online classes develop a sense of self-discipline in a studentOnline classes help the student to have extra time in hand to do other activities.

Online classes help to make a student be comfortable with strangers and peers. Online classes provide direct interaction with the teacher 24*7 of all the 7 days a week.

Online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition 

The Chennai Tuition is a website which provides online tuitions to the students of class 10. The Chennai Tuition has adopted an adaptive teaching methodology which helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every student and then The Chennai Tuition evaluates, monitors and assess the qualities of every student to create a customized way to help the student learn. The Chennai Tuition believes in the development of both private and professional skills of a student to help them in every aspect of their life.

Teaching Methodology at The Chennai Tuition 

The Chennai Tuition has opted an advanced teaching methodology known as T.E.S.TThe full form of T.E.S.T is Theoretical framework, Explanatory videos, Strengthening Concepts and Time bound Test Series. Through this kind of methodology The Chennai Tuition guarantees to benefit every student in all ways. What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is the methodology prepared by The Chennai Tuition for the benefit of students through online classes. This method is a tried and tested holistic learning style. The online classes by The Chennai Tuition include very precise and comprehensive study materials of each and every topic of the curriculum. The Chennai Tuition believes in improving the foundation of every single student. So The Chennai Tuition provides Explanatory videos for better understanding of the students. The classes conducted by The Chennai Tuition are live and interactive.

The Chennai Tuition provides question banks subject wise and assignments to the students to make the students grab control over each and every chapter or topic. The Chennai Tuition also conduct examinations on regular intervals so as to ensure that every student is able to perform well in exam like conditions.

Why The Chennai Tuition ?

The Chennai Tuition provides learning environment to help the students grow in academic field. The Chennai Tuition assures to provide students the best opportunities to grown themselves according to the high standards demanded by the society. A student at The Chennai Tuition  gets support from all the experienced faculty member and they make sure that every student get equal amount of attention during learning. The Chennai Tuition recognizes the true strengths and weaknesses of any student and then therefore helps the students to overcome their weaknesses through online classesOnline tuitions at The Chennai Tuition always aims to improve the skills and abilities of every student. Choosing The Chennai Tuition for your children would be one of the best decisions you can make for your child.

Philosophy behind the establishment of The Chennai Tuition 

At The Chennai Tuition the online tuitions gives students knowledge, skills and crafts which helps a student to handle the further challenges in his upcoming life. The Chennai Tuition believes that providing knowledge in the form of exemplary education is very valuable. The Chennai Tuition believes to keep a work like environment and a very good relationship with the students so that a student may approach The Chennai Tuition at anytime.

FAQs – CBSE Class X Tuitions

What is the class size of the online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition ?

The Chennai Tuition believes to teach in groups and not in crowds. So as to ensure this fact and give proper and adequate attention towards every student The Chennai Tuition keeps its class size very small and compact.

What about the study modules?

The Chennai Tuition provides study materials on each and every topic of every subject included in the Class 10th course.

What if a student has doubts after the online class?

The Chennai Tuition ensures to provide answer to the questions asked by every student as soon as it can. One can clear their personal doubts directly from the teachers.

What if a student misses any online class?

One if the advantages of online tuitions are that one can conveniently access their online tuition portal anytime they want to and update themselves with the missed topics. And The Chennai Tuition ensures that every student is able to do so.

Will the students have test series for practice?

Yes, The Chennai Tuition has prepared numerous time bound test series so as to equip a student with the pressure of examinations.