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Why The Chennai Tuition?

Why The Chennai Tuition for AQA IGCSE Tuition Classes?

What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is our unique and engaging teaching style to ensure each student is not just prepared for their exams but also have enhanced time-management and exemplary evaluation skills through:

  • Building a Theoretical framework.
  • Helping process information through Explanatory videos.
  • Strengthening Concepts to help students retain knowledge.
  • Time-bound Test Series that allows students ample practice before the exams.

T.E.S.T Methodology

Theoretical framework
  • Online lessons from highly experienced IGCSE tutors in the comfort of your home.
  • A small batch of NOT more than 5 students holding common subjects allowing each student the space to grow and the individual attention they require for it.
  • Comprehensive subject wise study material prepared on almost every topic of the curriculum helping students approach the subjects in an organized and comprehensible manner
Explanatory Videos
Strengthening Concepts
  • Modular Assignments and Subject wise Question Bank to practice and furnish your skills.
  • Brainstorming sessions among students from different countries promoting team-work and helping create a classroom environment to build their confidence.
  • One to one mentoring sessions providing each student the undivided attention to learn and grow.
Time-bound test series
  • Exam-style question papers preparing students in exam-style conditions leading to great performance even when under stress.
  • Checked Answer Sheet uploaded on the Student Portal that acts as a guide for the students allowing them to remedy their mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Answer key to each test in the module.
Our Philosophy

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

  • Here at The Chennai Tuitionwe share our need for comprehensible and disciplined teaching with AQA IGCSE, ensuring each student is provided the same environment as a classroom.
  • And for our beliefs, our experts invest in the knowledge of the generation that follows, in the interest of our future. We believe that a student in the safety of their home should be treated no different than a student in the classroom.
  • And to make this possible, we ensure that every single aspect of our online tuitions is crafted carefully and skill fully to fit perfectly with the learning pattern of every individual IGCSE student.