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CBSE Class 11 Online Tuition Classes

CBSE Online Tuition for Class XI

CBSE Class 11

Students after passing the board exam of class 10 scoring at least 33% in the examinations are promoted to class 11. This is the first class in the Higher Secondary. When a student is promoted to Class 11 he has to choose among the streams provided by CBSECBSE provides 3 streams namely, HUMANITIES, COMMERCE and SCIENCE. Students according to their choice or life goals chose one of these 3 streams. The subjects included in these streams are as follows:

How Online Tuitions are benefiting the students in their academics?

Online tuitions are getting popular among the 21st century students. Easy availability of internet connection is encouraging the students towards enrolling for online tuitions. Parents are also getting convinced with the idea of interacting with the tutors virtually. Online tuitions have brought a huge relief on the side of the students as because a student can easily access to these tuitions and doesn’t have to worry about notes or solutions to their any question. Online tuitions have brought revolution on the education system.

How online tuitions at The Chennai Tuition helpful for Class 11 students?

A Class 11 student has a very hectic day to day schedule. They have to be present at school to match the required attendance category. Then they have to go to tuitions to different places for every different subject and thus they end up getting exhausted and are unable to do anything of their own choice. Therefore Online Tuitions at Chennai Tuition is the best for a class 11 student as because it covers all the topics of all subjects altogether. Students do not require to run places to get tuitions anymore.

Methods of teaching at Chennai Tuition

Chennai Tuition has developed a very advanced method for teaching, called as T.E.S.T

What is T.E.S.T?

T.E.S.T is the methodology prepared by Chennai Tuition for the benefit of students through online classes. This method is a tried and tested holistic learning style. The online class by Chennai Tuition includes very precise and comprehensive study materials of each and every topic of the curriculum. Chennai Tuition believes in improving the foundation of every single student. So Chennai Tuition provides Explanatory videos for better understanding of the students. The classes conducted by Chennai Tuition are live and interactive.

Chennai Tuition provides question banks subject wise and assignments to the students to make the students grab control over each and every chapter or topic. Chennai Tuition also conduct examinations on regular intervals so as to ensure that every student is able to perform well in exam like conditions.

Why learn with Chennai Tuition ?

Chennai Tuition provides a faculty of experts having over 9 years of experience in teaching field. Online tuition at Chennai Tuition provides live sessions with solid study materials covering each topic subject wise. Chennai Tuition aims to make students fundamentals as clear as possibleChennai Tuition encourages students to develop themselves to become capable of bringing welfare in the society.

Chennai Tuition ’s Vision

Chennai Tuition focuses on enhancing the creative, intellectual aspects of students. Chennai Tuition wants to train students in such a way that they are capable of dealing challenges and competitions. Chennai Tuition wants to make students smart enough to give strong competition to other students. Chennai Tuition aspires to provide knowledge to the students so that they can serve globally.

FAQs – CBSE Class XI Tuitions


How online tuitions at Chennai Tuition would be different from any other online or offline tuition?

At Chennai Tuition , we provide live interactive sessions. We don’t just only provide recorded videos, we also give the students chance to interact with our teachers and other peers.

Can I take vacation in between my online tuitions at Chennai Tuition ?

Yes, absolutely. That’s the reason why we promote online tuitions as it is convenient for the students to do their own activities also and have time with their family and friends. Any student missed any session can later updated himself with the videos and study materials.


Can I approach the faculty with my personal doubts?

Yes, definitely anytime. The faculty members will always try their best to fulfill the academic needs of the students.


Do I need to purchase the Study modules or it will be included in the curriculum?

Best quality study materials will be available to you once you enroll yourself to the Online Tuitions at Chennai Tuition .

What are the subjects taught by Chennai Tuition for Class 11 CBSE in their Online tuitions?

Chennai Tuition provides all the subjects included in CBSE Class 11 curriculum. The subjects include: PhysicsMathematicsChemistryBiologyComputer ScienceHistoryGeographyPolitical ScienceHindi EnglishAccountsBusiness studiesEconomics.

What are the number of students in each class at Chennai Tuition ?

Chennai Tuition conducts small study groups so as to ensure adequate distribution of attention to every student.