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122 Cities | 36 Branches | 3400+Students | THE CHENNAI TUITION | One of the top-ranking tuition as mentioned in Times Survey. Affiliated with prestigious boards like IB ICSE & IGCSE, we encourage innovative learning & teaching methodology..

Welcome to The Chennai Tuition center. You have come to the site where you can avail of the benefits of learning all subjects. We design every feature of The Chennai Tuition to address your complete learning needs and boost your overall academic growth.

Excellent Coaching for school students of different boards from primary to higher secondary students, undergraduate students and engineering students. The website is designed specifically to address the problems of those people who face a considerable amount of difficulties in learning in all subjects

Our Mission

Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at THE CHENNAI TUITION is to accelerate these transformations. Even our name ‘THE CHENNAI TUITION‘ bears a testimony to our purpose. THE CHENNAI = ‘Knowledge’ and TUITION = ‘Network’.

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Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty

With a large pool of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members, we maintain an optimal student-faculty ratio to attend every student with extra care. Our faculty walks an extra mile to ensure that you do not miss getting the highest benchmark in school, entrance and other competitive exams.

Excellent Track Record

We have maintained an excellent track record for over three decades in delivering outstanding results in various medical and engineering entrance exams, and competitive and scholarship exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads every year.

Comprehensive Study Material

Our most comprehensive study material is curated by subject matter experts that empowers you with an in-depth understanding of all crucial topics from various subjects to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Integrated  Teaching

Our integrated teaching approach not only makes you shine in your school/ board exams but also ensures that you are listed as a top achiever in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY etc.


The Chennai Tuition is the world’s most valuable ed-tech company and the creator of India’s most loved school learning and succeeding. Launched in 1987, The Chennai Tuition offers highly personalized and effective learning programs for classes 1 – 12 (K-12), and aspirants of competitive exams like JEE, ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE IAS etc. With 50 million registered students and 3.5 million paid subscriptions, The Chennai Tuition has become one of the most preferred education platforms across the globe.


Our niche is creating personalized learning experiences for every type of learner. The Chennai Tuition way of learning provides students a learning platform where they can learn, engage and be excited about charting their own path to discover the world. The Chennai TuitionThe Learning methods brings together the best teachers, technology, content, media for creating a seamless, world class learning experience for each and every student.


Learning is pivotal for a student’s success in academics and life. The Digital Age is deeply shaping the way students learn and will also determine their future prospects. At The Chennai Tuition, we encourage students to embrace this fast, changing world and making them ready for tomorrow by being their constant learning partner. We craft learning journeys for every student that address their unique needs. We believe in the power of one-to-one learning that addresses every child’s learning needs, allows students to be holistically involved in their education and be active, lifelong learners.


Personalized Learning- is the foundation of our unique programs for students. Using knowledge graphs, the program adapts and creates personalized learning journeys for students. It provides a comprehensive coverage of over 1 lakh concepts with animated videos and questions, fun quizzes and flashcards. Based on the student’s progress, personal learning profiles are created which help analyze strengths and areas of improvement. Each concept gets tagged at different levels of difficulty to create a smooth learning curve which keeps students motivated through any new learning challenge. Whenever errors are made, motivating remedial methods are generated to strengthen and improve the student’s learning experience.


At The Chennai Tuition, we leverage technology to merge best practices like use of videos, engaging content and quizzes with the best teachers so that every child across the globe has access to the best learning experiences. Key features of the learning program: • Interactive and engaging learning modules • Visually rich content to enable conceptual clarity and lifelong term retention • Personalized learning programs designed for every student, enabled by the power of data science


The Chennai Tuition Learning Programs provide students a holistic learning experience. Students across regions can access the best teachers and see concepts come to life. Every detail of a student’s journey is planned and executed at the deepest level with subject matter experts, teachers and tools like videos, interactive animations, quizzes and assessments. The app integrates these well-crafted lessons from our teachers and assessments along with analysis and recommendations, personalized to suit each student’s learning style. This holistic approach has seen a student engagement of over 71 minutes a day, being spent by a student on the app, making it one of the most loved apps for students across age groups. We at The Chennai Tuition work towards offering students the best learning experience. We have courses for students across ages and grades: • Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for CBSE and ISC (Classes 1-12) • Competitive Exams- JEE, NEET, IAS preparation courses


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Imagining Teaching and Learning

Why we exist?

Teaching process has stayed the same for decades. The traditional teaching and offline education system are plagued with multiple inefficiencies.
Our vision at The Chennai Tuition is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology we are able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience.
Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at  The Chennai Tuition is to accelerate these transformations.

Who are we?

The Chennai Tuition is India’s leading Online tutoring company which enables students to learn LIVE with some of India’s best-curated teachers. The Chennai Tuition USP is the quality of teachers. It has some 500+ teachers who have taught more than 1 Million hours to 40,000+ students spread across 1000+ cities from 30+ countries. The Chennai Tuition is founded by IITian friends who have been teachers themselves with over 13 years of teaching experience and have taught over 10,000 students.
The Chennai Tuition online tutoring platform enables LIVE interactive learning between a teacher and a student. It offers individual and group classes. On The Chennai Tuition, a teacher is able to give personalized teaching using two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding tools where both teacher and student are able to see, hear, write and interact in real-time. Imagine it like ‘Skype’ custom made for education. The Chennai Tuition caters to 6th grade to 12th grade and prepares for school boards, competitive examinations, and has co-curricular courses as well.
The Chennai Tuition founders Vikram Singh, Arun Kumar, and Prabakar Singh did their first venture in education, Lakshya, in 2006 which later got acquired by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials) in 2012. As part of Lakshya, the founders taught and mentored more than 10,000 students and trained more than 200 teachers between them.

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